PATH - Personal Action Towards Health

PATH (Personal Action Toward Health) Program

PATH (Personal Action Towards Health) is a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program that teaches practical skills for living a healthy life with a chronic health condition like diabetes, arthritis, asthma, chronic pain, or heart disease. Classes meet for 2 1/2 hours once a week for 6 weeks.

Classes for 2015:
   • Check back for new class listings:  
For more information or to register for a PATH class in your area call:
      (906) 786-4701, Ext. 3019 or 1-800-338-7227

View:   PATH Brochure   /   MI Partners in PATH, 11 min video   /  
           Jan'13 Daily Press article - Training PATH Leaders

PATH - Diabetes Program

This new program is specifically for adults with Type 2 diabetes and their family and caregivers. It covers diabetes self-management topics such as healthy eating, physical activity, sick day management, foot care, medications, managing hyper- and hypo- glycemia, and working with health care providers.

Classes for 2015:
  • Menominee Classes:   Tue, Aug.11-Sept.15, 9 am @ Library
  • Iron Mountain Class:   Tue, Sept.1-Oct.6, 10 am @ Library   Flyer
  • Escanaba Classes:      Wed, Sept.9-Oct.14, 5:30 pm @ M-TEC   Flyer
  • Gwinn Classes:            Tue, Sept.15-Oct.20, 6 pm @ Club House
  • Marquette Classes:      Mon, Sept.21-Oct.26, 2 pm @ Lost Creek
  • Escanaba Classes:      Tue, Sept.22-Oct.27, 1 pm @ MTECH
  • Hermansville Class:     Fri, Oct.2-Nov.6, 1 pm @ Senior Center

Free Online Program - Better Choices, Better Health ® - Diabetes workshop. Another educational option for those interested in learning more about managing diabetes. View Flyer

Register Here: www.RestartLiving/org/Diabetes


Free class for individuals with Multiple Sclerosis and their loved ones to learn skills that help deal with everyday challenges associated with MS.

Learn to set goals, share experiences, and find supports to manage:
  • Balance          • Communication     • Healthy Eating       • Pain
  • Medications     • Staying Active     • Lack of Energy       • Stress

Classes for 2015:
   • Check back for new class listings