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In UPCAP's role as administrator for the U.P. Association of County Commissioners, UPCAP was requested by the Michigan Department of Corrections to serve as fiduciary for a grant to study the future of Upper Peninsula county jails, and the re-use of Camp Manistique and Mangum Farms.   On July 11, 2008, UPCAP entered into a contract with Community Resource Services (CRS) and its president, Rod Miller, to conduct the study.

Reports and informational resources are found below.   The contractor invites comments and corrections to:    Rod Miller rod@correction.org   /   Office:   (717) 338-9100    /    Fax: (717) 718-6178
November 2010 - Final Report :

    UP Regional Jail Feasibility & Facility Re-use

       •   Executive Summary, Full Report   (no appendices - 158 pages)

       •   Complete Report   (with appendices - 1,106 pages)

January 2010 - Regional Jail Study Reports

Individual reports have been drafted for each county.   Use the links below to view or download the report for all 15 counties or for a single county:

       •   All 15 County Reports in 1 Document - Jan 2010

Individual County Reports - January 2010:

Jail Resources:

Productive Jails - Putting Inmates to Work to Benefit All

  • Step-by-step instructins for buiilding a strong foundation and involving the community.   Includes instructions for the key "foundation decisions" that are essential as a starting point, and for developing and advisory commmittee.

  • The final report, adopted by county officials, that was deveoped in 7 meetings with a broad-based citizens committee, using the process outlined in the Workbook.   Includes meeting notes and agenda.   This has been used by many jurisdictions as a blueprint to develop their own committee.

  • To be used with the "developing" workbook, provides a fill-in-the-blank approach to making sound financial evaluations of potential work projections.   USed this to evaluate the costs and benefits of specific projects that you are considering.

  • A national survey of jail work activities, providing a view of what is happening throughout the United States.

  • Practical tips and shopping lists to help you find what you need - staff, space, equipment, materials, time, and more - without having to buy it.

  • How to use the privileges and facilities that you have to more consistently motivate inmates to become engaged in work activities and programs.   Provides useful forms and a simple process.

  • Summary of the findings from a national conference that examined the question, "what if inmates were allowed to participate in the free-world economy"?   Four nationally-known economists offer their independent conclusions.

  • Presentation delivered to National Sheriffs' Association annual conference, Seattle, Washington, June 2005.

  • The first empirical study that analyzes inmate performance after release from custody, and demonstrates the long-term value of inmate participation in work and industries programs.

  • PowerPoint presentation - American Jail Association 2008

Alternatives to Confinement

  •   Alternatives to Jail - List

  •   Pretrial Case Processing in Maine: Final Report

  •   Jail Diversion Reduces Knox Co Population - Article Oct07

Planning & Design

  •   Design Notes from SW Mich Regional Jail Study

  •   Jail Construction Delivery Methods - NIJ

  •   Jail Design Guide- Natl Inst of Corrections NIC 1998

  •   Jail Planning & Design Guide: What County Officials Need to Know

  •   Jail Referendum: Sourcebook - Used to Present Jail Proposal to Voters, Somerset Co, Maine